The Youth (2014) (Dvd) (Hong Kong Version)

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Four young filmmakers capture different facets of youth in the omnibus feature The Youth, which has attracted especial notice for its casting of popular K-pop idols

p This edition includes Lee Dong Hae interview, premiere and stage greetings in Hong Kong.

Directed by Ju Seong Su, Enemies All Around is about three youths, including FTIsland's Song Seung Hyun, who meet online and plan a bank robbery together, but they turn against each other after the robbery

Directed by Jung Won Sik, Play Girl, starring award-winning newcomer Seo Eun A I Act /I , dives into the contentious world of high school girl gangs

Directed by Kim Jin Moo, the short The Rumor stars Super Junior's Lee Dong Hae as a newly elected student council president whose day derails when a nasty rumor about his girlfriend spreads through the school

Directed by Park Ga Hee, Wonderwall stars 4Minute's Nam Ji Hyun as a girl roped into driving her boyfriend Jung Hae In, I The Three Musketeers /I and his former classmate Goo Won, I Fists of Legend /I to army training camp while thugs are chasing them